Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy a little bit..Just A Bit..!!

I'm still doing my writing now and I only have 1 essay to write..
yoshhh.!! Chayo2x sheNn..!1 HekHek...

Around this week, I'm really depressed....full of life was for assignment only. Everyday always worried about assignment,thinking of assignment,urgghhsss..! Tension..!!

But today,something really make me satisfied..its reduce my pain and my stress a little bit..just a little bit k...It almost 9 months I in UPSI..i think...hihi..and this is the first time I watched football..woaww!! I heart football even I'm a girl..Its a game between my favourite team MU and Liverpool..I watched it through online and it always stuck...! Damn!!

The most important things is...MU won...yeaahh..glory2x MU...glory2x MU...yeyeahh...!!
Make me happy and smile for a while even I'm really2x in stress by now....I'm satisfied!! Full of joyous even just for 1 nite only..Tanx my friend for invinted me watched football just know,but sorry I can't...and..and..because of ur invitation,u open my heart to watched football...Thanx!!thanXX so muchh...I watched the game and at the same time I'm doing my assignment..yeahh!!

P/S : MU vs Liverpool : 2-1..MU wins..!!XD

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