Thursday, April 29, 2010

♣ Yes, I am SINGLE ! ♣

Yes, Ia am SINGLE !

i am so tired and feel sucks when ppl ask me whether im still single or not then i answer them, yes, im still single, i dont have someone special rite now.

But the suckkss part is when they still dun believe,u think im joking..?? No, im not joking..!!TRUE..i am SINGLE..! Thats the truth..!! You don believe it...?? Lantak kau la..!!

Its so fucking bored and sucks answer a question like dis...huaahh...plizz la..! Da jelas2x tertera kat info profil, jgn la tnya..ingat ni muka menipu ke..?? *sigh*..!

no matter wat my status on FB, MySpace or watever just for fun or something else.

one more things, please la..! dun ask me why and why still single..MUAK tau...i ulang skali lagi



p/s : i'm not trying to promote k...waste of time la..I'M JUST MAD !! huh..!

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