Friday, October 1, 2010

I have to SETTLE this.


Good nite peeps ! I got nothing to do . I'm BLANK . So I DECIDE . Lets WASTE time here ! Yehaaa!! :))

OK, in a BORING mood, ACTUALLY . . . I'm so damn busy with my tone of ASSIGNMENTS . And here I will list all the "PRESSURE" thingy that I have to SUBMIT and PRESENT it by this OCTOBER . Oh yeahh, I forgot. This is OCTOBER ! Huh,time run so fast . Two months more to END this year. Ok lets check it out my tone of ASSIGNMENTS.

1. Phonetics and Phonology
* Design a CLASS ROOM ACTIVITY . We have to present it in a group . WE have to act like a teacher. Huhai !

2. Short Story and Novels Analysis.
* Presentation : A Question of Dowry vs Charles.
* Book Club : The Village by the Sea.
* Compare and Contrast : The Village by the Sea vs The Great Gatsby.

3. Literary Criticism
* Presentation: Heart of Darkness by F Scott Fitzgerald ( Novel )
* Critical Analysis : The People on the Bride by Phaitoon Thanya

4. Wacana Akademik Bahasa Melayu
* Projek Ilmiah.

5. Penerbitan Elektronik
* I have to design two posters with different effects and present it by week 14.

6. Others
- Literary Criticism.
- Second Language Acquisition.

( MUST be PRESENT and SUBMIT before week 14 )

Thanks of bunch to MUS for giving me an IDEA to waste my time here. Hihi

OMG! All this driving me STRESS.I just want to FINISH it immediately.PLEASE !!

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Lydia Chai said...

Hello. I'd like to ask if you have found any information about Phaitoon Thanya (People on the Bridge)? I'm a TESL student and I seriously couldn't find any information on this author. I hope that you'd be kind to share it with me. Here's my email address. Please contact me as soon as possible when you see this. Thanks.