Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm WITHOUT you.

Salam. Good Morning !

This is my THIRD day I'm without you FACEBOOK. Seriously, I miss you so damn much FACEBOOK. I want you back in my life. I just can't live without you. I'm ADDICTED to you. Too bad, I can't FACEBOOK. Even I want FACEBOOK~ing, , I CAN'T because I need to FACE A BOOK. My EXAM is around the corner. I need to do well in this EXAM. I hope you understand FACEBOOK. I'll be back after my WAR with the so- called EXAM ends. I promise you, I'll be back . Stop missing me because you make me missing you. 

p/s : make-over my blog just now. :))


Anonymous said...


♥ Mz YuNsoRa ♥ said... rindu FACEBOOK sy. :))

intanurulfateha said...

need to face a book ;p

awein said...

hahah lawat la sekejap3 ehe