Monday, March 31, 2014

It is been a long time.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and hello y'all.

It's been a long time. My very first post for this 2014. How I miss my blogging world back then. Almost every day I keep update my blog. I have my vision for being a blogger and it seems I forgot it already. Heol. Anyway, here I am after a long time not updating my blog. I think I need to change the header. Hurm.

From FB.

How's life? My life? I must say that it's a hectic life. Hectic with so much thinking and waiting. Right now I am an English tutor and maybe should I say am managing an English centre right now. I am quite busy because everyday I have class until weekend also. An admin and also a tutor. Even I don't have lots of work but the tension really affects me. I may not feel tired physically but I am tired mentally. Think this and that. It rewards me stress. I need a space and vacation. Seriously need it. 

Where to go? Will update ya. I have so many to share here. My feels and my thoughts and my experiences. Thanks for the read ! Have a nice day. 

p/s : Not only busy with tutoring, I am also busy with sewing. Heh.

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