Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moshi2 2010 !

*** 1.01.2010***

My first Post...

First time tulis kat blog nie..all dis time i jus keep my thought in mind,so for this 2010..i want to express wat i feel,wat i think,wat i don't like in this blog...azam bru la katakan..hehe.

So...for my first post,i just want to wish my self "Happy New Year to me !.." hOpE I get the best memory for dis year...i really hope..!!! im Gonna luV 2010..yeaa surely..!!

summaRy for 2009. 2009 more sadness than happiness for me..i experienced a lot of bad memories even its the year i get entered UPSI..yaa my Dreamy U..n i really made it..aku lebih byk sedih,kecewa..dari rasa gembira...hmm...byk pengalaman yang membuat aku berduka shita..huhu...but as people always say,u learn from experience..

But...hehe..2009 really2x give me a lot of new experience..teach myself a lot.. yg pergi teruslah pergi....aku harus langkah ke hadapan dgn diri yg baru setiap kali tahun person,every new year...the better,better person...

So...epy new year and have a wonderful year shenn!!!

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