Sunday, January 3, 2010

RefleKsi ReXco KhaR...

REfleksi Rexco KhaR
Foyer BloK 2

As late again..actually im early but i have to wait Jue my Rexco friend..But its doesnt matter,the truth is im late..hehe..This is the first event that I attended for my second sem that organised by JMK KHAR..

As myself get in foyer Blok 2,i knew that something i dont like will happen..n s true..this event is a session that u speak out about your bureau and about what you have do since you became RExco of Khar..To be honest,i quite dont like session like this...Not because i dont like to speak but everytime i ready to speak out my thought,my mouth can't say it...hmm..I dont know y...Always like this...Am I too shy or too nervous speak in front of people...???Could you tell me y...??

As the session start..i start thinking wat I need to speak about our thinking what our bureau weakness.. n i got many..So,one by one person speak what they need to speak and until my turn...i take a breath and ready to speak out my thought but so sad,i can't say it..and im starting say something that look stupid and myself also look stupid...owhhh goshhh...y.?????I just dont understands..

Owhh..pleez..I need to do something about this...

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