Monday, February 8, 2010


On this date my life start...
On this date I was born and named as Sheena Sarmie Binti Isah,actually my name supposed to be Sheena Charmaine but due to the nurse wrong spelling my name turn to Sheena Sarmie..hmm.But its ok,I still like my uncle who give this name..Uncle Felix..thanks uncle for this name..hihi..

8.2.1989..and as usual,this date come every year...this year its come again...Im 21 years old..!! Goshh...! LOL! Wow...I just can't believe it...even Im 21 years old,I think Im not mature yet..still childish...daaaa..??Wow...and first time in my whole life I solemnize it without my family..It ok..nothing to be sad..cuz I have my friends here..Thanks so much all my friends in UPSI and Facebook..Thanks so much for all your wishes..I really appreciate it..and Thanks too for those who messaging me! And thanks too for the present yaa...!

But one thing dat I feel upset,my truly friend wasn't the earlier wishes my birthday..I expect them to be the early but its ok cuz maybe they busy with thier study.It OK!  Think positive as Putra always says to me.I am kinda totally flabberghasted for my birthday this year because I accept too much wishes especially from my Facebook friends.I LOVE you guys !

For my 21 years old,I hope all my wishes come true.Hope my life happy always...there is so much hope in my life.Muchachaz. But firstly,for my 21 years old today,I want to set up all my assignments before I go to Malacca..I just can't wait for my trip to Malacca...! Most important,I hope this year will bring happiness to me even my year starts with dissapointment..Its ok..!! 

Happy Always no matter what happens.


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