Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ekplorasi Photography...!

Eksplorasi Photography...
KUO 2.00 until 5.30...

My first competition which relate to photography.I thought it only a "seminar" about photography but not as I am think..Its a competition..! And yaa for sure...I'm surprise..I didnt expect it..And I still don't know how to take the goooood picture...hahah.Luckily,I have Ju as my partner,the one who gooood in take pictures..XD!In this contest,we have to take 6 pictures with 6 themes..wuaahh..We have to shoot pic in a hot weather,in a flu condition..totally made us suffer that day..hihi..

But even we suffer,we luxuriate it in the whole competition,and I learned something new in photography from Jue and2x this made me more interested to get involve more deeply in photography.Made me more passionate to be photographer even I'm going to be English teacher..hmm!And the best damn thing that I want to share here is,even we shoot pictures in such a damn condition,make me suffer...!We manage to get third place..!!! Out from our expectation..tanx to Ju cuz she's the one who take all the picture,I only involve in expressed my idea.I think she's a goood photographer..!! Congratulation to both of us..!!

During I type this post,Im fever + flu..really2x not well!! *gosh*!

Our 6 pictures 

Me and Jue. Yehaa !

P/s: Next time we want to involve in using SLR camera cuz in dis contention we only use digital camera..weee....!

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