Friday, May 7, 2010

♥ Jung Yong Hwa ft Lee Hong Ki ♥

Seriously, Im FALL in LOVE with this two boy since i watched " You are Beautiful" drama..I LOVE YOU MAN..!! huhu...

Jung Yong Hwa or Shin woo u r soo handsome !!! i like watched ur expression face, BF type! I like ur attitude! ur smile ! ur eyes ! woahhh ! I like everything bout u ! I like ur song " Im a Loner " n becuz of u im started love ur band CN Blue..Saranghaee Yong Hwa oppaa!! Ur band..I LIKEE!!..

woaahhh...!! i lyke u oppa yong hwaa!!

Lee Hong Ki or Jeremy..!! you r super duper kawaiiii desu..! huaahh...u r so funny..funny..funny..!! I adore u jeremy...cuteenyaa kauu..!! huhu..i enjoyed ur character as jeremy..among three, i love u !! Kawaiii!! luv ur song " Really good word " ur so cutee singing it but at the same time so sad..!!

u r so cute + funny + i loike ur smile..!!

p/s : You are beautiful among the best drama i ever watched..i loike!!

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