Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jung Yong Hwa ft Lee Hong Ki part 2


Yeaahhh . .before this i already posted about this 2 cute boys which i really3x adore them so much.Here the post . :))

At last HONG KI and his band FT Island comeback with their new mini album which interested me so4x much . I fall in love with one song in their new album. I love this song so freakin much...!! yeaahhh baby..HongKi really make me so into the air with his awesome voice and he is soooo emo cute !! Kweopta Hong Ki..!! Hong Ki . Saranghae so much !!!

You know what . . im so into this song,can't stop myself to listen it hundred times...its entitled LOVE..LOVE..LOVE...

(Sarang..sarang..sarang .. FT ISLAND ) hihihi . . best song !! LOVE it !

And know I move to my lovely oppa . .Yong Hwa oppa. Currently, i enjoy so much watching him in We Got Married with Seo Hyun ( SNSD ) . I love YONGSEO couple ! The only show that always make me non stop laughing .LOVE THEM !! YONGSEO couple fighting ! ALWAYS support both of u !! I like WE GOT MARRIED ! I hope CN BLUE will come to Malaysia. I surely come to your concert.ITS A MUST FOR ME TO COME ! hihi..

And one things, LOVE ( CN BLUE ) and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE ( FT ISLAND ) . . same WORD ! LOVE !!! :))

p/s : im a KPOP Lovers ! Love all about KPOP. So dont get WEIRD.:))

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