Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just BLAH2x for UPDATE.

Salam.GoodLuck in Exam yo !

Aloha ppl. I'm proudly say that i have done my first paper today which is Second Language Acquisition in Proton City,seat 24 and ALHAMDULILLAH, I've done well,( i think ) for this paper. But u know what, no matter what, I've done my best, so I just being TAWAKAL. InsyAllah, everythings will be OK. By the way, i just want you to know ( sharing is caring rite ? ), this is the FIRST time since I'm in UPSI,I'm really2x freakin nervous before exam. I just don't know why, but seriously say, normally i'll just cool and a little bit nervous in my previous final exam. But this time, it is different, i'm totally NERVOUS. freakin OVER STRESS. feels like CRYING super loudly but too bad i can't. So my dear faezah,don't get weird anymore and  says that i'm crazy ( i know u said that rite? ) if i suddenly sing out loudly.  I'm just STRESS and i need something to reduce my stress.FYI,until know i'm still NERVOUS plus with STRESS. I just hate to show it. Tomorrow i have another exam, Phonetics and Phonology and wish me luck buddies ! A little bit hard paper. hmm..no,i think it is a difficult paper because i have to transcribe sentences and i'm not good at it.
So much weak in transcription ! 

 Oh yeah, we have yellow card and red card for our exam and it seems funny k. Really funny like us in a football game. hahaha !

Kad KUNING ialah "amaran" iaitu anda disyaki melakukan kecurangan akademik manakala Kad MERAH pula ialah anda disabit melakukan kecurangan akademik dan boleh dihadapkan kepada pihak disiplin.

OK, thats all for now,gtg, thanks so much for reading my "no point at all" post. haha ! Continue with my phonetics revision. And i wish good luck for all SPM candidates in Malaysia especially my lil cute sis. I hope u do the best in this big exam. Don't play2x. Enough with ur KPOP and focus on answering ur paper.Don't forget DOA. Calm urself babe ! ( Oh man, i'm nagging ?)

p/s : feels like sick and i want to cry out loudly now. I MISS my FAMILY lorh !


Anonymous said...

Hahaahah~ crazy is a code for I LOVE YOU laaa.. hak3~ gudluck!

♥ Mz YuNsoRa ♥ said...

nah kan...heheh!