Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream HIGH ! Dream BIG !

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and goodnight yo !

I dream high
I Dream High, I dream, when its hard I close my eyes
While I imagine that moment I get up
I shake at the end of fear
Afraid of falling like a baby bird who cant fly up
Can I do it, will my dream come true
One by one my walking goes when I get afraid
I Dream High, I dream, when I'm tired I close my eyes
I keep imagining that dream while I get up
I can fly high 
I can fly high, I believe that I can go up in that sky
Open my wings, fly freely up more then anyone
I need courage that will stand the fallen me

I dust the dust, Courage that will stand me and jump once a again
Believe in myself once more, Belive in my faith
Bet everything, and I'm going to jump a wall taller than me
Imaging that my dream will come true while I get up
I can fly high I believe in that I will go up in that sky
Open my wings and I'm going to fly more freely than anyone has

Dream high, a chance to fly high
Bye bye to the hurts
Fly high like the stars in the sky
Time for you to shine
Open your dreams, time for you to shine
Don't be afraid of the future in you hands, walk in confidence now
Don't give up on dreams.

Source : Dream High Ost and edited it just a little bit. Motivation~ Motivation ~ :))


Colyn Enim said...

Ahahaha..i thought u are gonna post about the Korean Drama-Dream High pula....:P

SheNn said...

@Colyn Enim Hahah...later on,after 16 eps..I just fall in love with the lyrics..

mimi mn said...

oh ost dia tapi lagu Kim Soo Hyun yang sedih2 tu pon best jugak

SheNn said...

@mimi mn A'ahh,tu pun best..semua la best ! hehe

kay_are said...

cite ni memang r best!! ^^