Saturday, March 26, 2011

I LOVE Choral Speaking

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and a very good evening i bid to you !;p

Last two days was an awesome night that i won't forget till the end of my life. I had such an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME night with all my TESL friends from semester 4. That night, we had a choral speaking competition between all TESLians batch and its a compulsory for us to join.As a result, 5 batch  joined this competition included us.The best damn thing is, even we practiced only 3 days before the competition, we managed  won the second runner up and when the MC announced the winner for second runner up, we screamed like crazy because we never expected it.

Seriously,this is the FANTABULOUS choral speaking competition that i ever joined because we really2x enjoyed together on that night. Happiness all around our face that night. We sang, we dance, and we screamed together after the competition. Marvy night ever ! TESLians UPSI rocks !! I love all my TESL friends and i'll never forget this moment ! We got closer because of this.:))

Try  harder to memorized the script.;p

POWER of BLUE. :))

WE do had SUPPORTERS. :))

Overhappy ?

Yeaahhhh ! :)


"We teacher not only educate academically BUT we also educate students to be polite, respectful and responsible human being " - The Thoughtful Teacher. [ part of our script. :)) ]


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Mr Daha said...

Hahaha~ nice performance!! =P