Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not OK. Please KILL me.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and a very gud nite y'all !

"We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright"

 Yeah, for sure everything gonna be OK but ...
Honestly, this few days such a BAD BAD BAD day for me.
Such a MISERABLE week for me.
Too many problems. All I can I do, cry, cry, get up ,strength up myself back, face it and try to fix it.
Yeah, I'm OK after doing that but deep in my heart, I am too tired with all this. 
I'm terribly TIRED.
My HEART hurt
I can't bare this PROBLEMS .

I'm TIRED being HUMAN. Seriously TIRED and UNINSPIRED.


Nor Sahbillah said...

gambateh kudasai fwen..we are all here n ready to lend our shoulders for u. dont b so sad huh? not gud for ur health! stay healthy! (cakap orang kunun haha)go go shen!!

dG said...

ramai org emo mggu nie. tmasuklah aku skli. T____T