Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm as a PRACTICAL teacher : Tomorrow.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and hello y'all.

I'm as a practical teacher? Ini barulah. Tomorrow is the day. Supposedly today but my school in holiday pulak. Sincerely, I am so nervous. Hopefully  everything goes well tomorrow. Hopefully everything seems nice tomorrow. 

Oh ya. I will be a practical teacher focusing on English in SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz which is stated in Kuala Selangor. From Tanjung Malim, I moved to Kuala Selangor. Everything seems new here. So far, people here are so nice! Million thanks to the love one Abg Sani who help us a lot from Tanjung Malim  to Kuala Selangor. Million million thanks ! Hee.

Ini barulahh. Pindah macam nak menetap seumur hidup je kat Kuala Selangor.

Before tomorrow, I wanna share my "bertapa" room for 4 months. My house? Later ~ .By the way, can you see picture above? Can you see the name. Yeah, Faezah ! She will be my rommie for 4 months. Oh please be nice with me my rommie. Aha !

Hah ! Duit takdo nak beli meja. Lagipun aku penyokong 3R yang tegar. So, I just used  back all the boxes. Feel feel Korea gitu. Pergh.

Boleh tahan !

Oklah, teacher nak tidur. Best of luck tomorrow.

#np : jerrypah by Aizat.:P

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