Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Salam. Good night !

Aloha ! Tonight, i just want to share a video here. Sharing is Caring session again. For me, it is a very inspirational video. What an awesome speech ! Thanks SHILA for share this video with me and hell yeah, as you said, finally someone stood for us the AVERAGE one. 

Have you see it? Yeah, it is a funny speech and its really funny. Haha ! But for me, it is a very inspirational speech from the average one.Hilarious, touching, and beautiful speech.I like part 4.13 till 4.56 in this video and what he said about wikipedia are so true.. Haha ! And also the ending, "Tonight gonna be a good night" ! Bhahaha !

By the way, what he said about average people is true. Everyday we are trying the best to be the best among the best, reaching wealth and being famous,You really want to be special but you forgot that the most crucial things is our relationships.You should be proud of being AVERAGE ! There is nothing wrong being AVERAGE.You don't have to be special in order to be exceptional and you will understand more if you watch this video. AVERAGE is the new EXCEPTIONAL.

p/s : Best Commencement Speech that I ever seen so far.

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