Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chillaxing if you STRESS !

Assalamualaikum W.B.T dan hello y'all.

Yo~ how's it goin y'all ? Hope you just fine. Kyaa,back to KHAR after 2 days vacation in  Muli's penthouse. Get relax and calm myself there. I really need to get out from my room because I tend to get stress if I take a look at my assignments board. Lots of assignments still need to do. Look at it,sighing and asking myself when all this gonna end. When?? I am really really tension with all my assignments. Seriously, I never been so so so stress like this. Never ! If stress can burned calories, then thats OK, i could be a super model. But too bad, its not ! Stress only gonna make me crazy.


So, I had  made my mind,leave my room,put away all my assignments for a while and went to Muli's penthouse. Calming myself here and yeahh, its really calm here,I don't think about my assignments at all,get online till 3 am, cooked a special recipe with Faezah and Mulie, watched Khurafat with the light off , laughing together on silly thingy,and get scared until I'm afraid to enter the loo.So funny.

Such a pleasure moment.No stress at all.By now, I am so eager to finish up all my assignment,reading all the novels and plays, and get ready for my presentations.I'm in full charge! yoshh, lets do the assignments,avoid procrastination,break up a while with Facebook and Blog.Yeah! For those who stress,tension,pressure, just chillaxing yourself! 


Chiil+Relax = Chillaxing ! tehee!


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the fully charged Shenn! =P hehehehee

kay_are said...

wah.. entri bahase london r lak.. hee.. tapi ape tu KHAR?? Mulli?? not really understand. by the way, good to hear that u enjoy ur self there =)

SheNn said...

@Nurul Faezah Errr?? hehe

SheNn said...

@kay_are hehe..bakal cikgu BI la katakan..KHAR = Kolej Harun Aminurrashid. Muli tu my friend's name..thank yo ! I really enjoy there..

♥..cik_mas..♥ said...

dear...cikmas rasa ari tu bro framestone ade bgtau pasal nak buat gathering UPSI blogger. u join x?:)

SheNn said...

@♥..cik_mas..♥ owh,tak dengar pula tapi bro ada ckp pasal hal ni..

NoorVictory said...

Rindu this moment! =P

Went googling for my name just now yet found this! HAHA