Friday, February 18, 2011

Contest Kami Pose Comey

Assalamualaikum and good nite again guys and girls! :)

Tonight gonna be a good nite! Err..?? Recently, I got so many tags from my blogger friends.So,tonight i'll update my blog with all the tags thingy. For those who tagged me before, i'll try my best to fulfill your tag tonight since tomorrow i don't have any class.

Ok,without wasting time.. for first tag !I got from Cik Caramel aka Gie my dear coursemate. Thanks yaww for tagged me. Its a contest tag named 'Contest Kami Pose Comey" organized by the sweet Cik Amny. Such an interesting contest that I ever joined because the gift will be an Iphone 3G. WOW ! Iphoneeee tu ! Heheh. Wanna join ? Just take a visit to Cik Amny's blog. Terms and conditions are so easy. Trust me, its so easy to join this contset. 

Here,i present my picture for this contest. Comey dok?Hehe.

For last condition, 

Kenapa anda join contest ini? 
Saya join contest ni sebab saya kawan saya suruh saya join contest ni. :)

And for this contest i tag 

OK,all conditions done ! Seriously, if i win this contest, i just want the money. hahaha ! Till then, goodluck yo!

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