Saturday, April 30, 2011

EPIC exam for my last exam.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and hello yo !

Hiyaa ppl, at last,i'm done with my exam and such a happy ending paper, full with epicness between us. Started with on the way to exam hall, i and my friends, Faezah had to stayed in a long long long queue as  today is the last day for exam in UPSI. Because of this, i'm late for my paper today,late 5 minutes and the paper took 1 hours to answer.Even 1 hours, i had to take  around 10 minutes or 15 minutes in order to fill up my matrix number,my course number, my programme number and all related to number.  haha. 

Then, i opened my 2P exam paper. ohh my gawd ! All the questions 100 percents same with the questions that i and my friends discussed and tried answer it last night. They said it is last semester questions and they spread it through Facebook .yer loh tu ! Liar ! By the way,no matter what, thanks so much la for the leaked questions. I really appreciate it since i'm not satisfied enough with my carry mark for this course. The lecturer so stingy ! Very stingy in giving marks. 

Because of the leaked questions, there some of us answered it in only 10 minutes ! Perghhh, awesome, how come they answered it  so fast. But basically, almost all of us left the exam hall early, as for me, i only took 25 minutes answered the paper. I came late, i left early. Such an epic exam that i ever had because i answered the questions by take one  glance at the questions, then answered immediately because i already knew the answer. Wahh, I never experienced something like this. Mostly of us get out from the hall with a big big smile. hahaha !

Can u see our big smile. ekeke~

After that, since it is our  last day in the beautiful Proton City and we will on holiday for 4 months, some of us took lots of picture with friends and course mates in PC. I can see photoshoot everywhere in the PC. I can see some of them bid a farewell each other and hugged each other including me. Gonna miss them. By the way, today such a tiring day for me as i had to do packing thingy. Seriously, i hate this thing everytime my semester ends.Urghh !

Last posing in Proton City.

Anyway, holiday mode ON ! Now, i'm preparing what i will do for my 4 months. Such a long holiday. *sigh*

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