Monday, May 2, 2011

Gonna say HELLO to Sandakan ( Live update from LCCT.)

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and hello yo !

Hai peeps. Five hours more for my flight to Sandakan and i totally can't wait to meet my friends and my family in Sandakan. As usual, i got butterfly on my stomach, hehe.. nervous before check in. Well, anything can happen for me. i'm worried about my luggage for cargo since I'm not paid yet the luggage for cargo. I'm little bit confuse about the payment. Anyway, what will be, will be. Hopefully my money enough for the payments.

By the way, for this long term holiday, there so many plans that i had planned. One of it, i want to improve my cooking skills , try to cook Korean dishes and i had to make sure that  i'm done in mastering playing guitar.  For this holiday, i just wanna have a good and happy life. I wanna be nice to all ppl especially towards my parents. I wanna be their best and nice ever daughter. I wanna be a nice ever best friend. I just wanna be nice girl this holiday and have a good life as I wish. One thing for sure, i need to brush up my English since I am a TESLian. Even I am a TESLian, I admit that I'm not really good in English, still got lots to improve especially my speaking.

Oh yeah, maybe after this, I will less update my blog since I don't have internet connection in my house. Maybe, i will update it once a week. Hopefully.For those on holiday, enjoy your holiday peeps.Gonna miss all my friends in UPSI, gonna miss Tanjung Malim so much. Four months i left Tanjung Malim. Ohh gosh !

Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAY ppl ! HELLO Sandakan. yehaaa!

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